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Entrance Doors


Entrance doors are a step above the rest — and the perfect complement. Our curated collection of beautiful wood and high-performing fiberglass and steel entry doors offer Industry-exclusive innovations in smart home monitoring, uncompromised quality and enhanced security and privacy.

Internal doors

Interior Timber Doors in numerous styles and sizes to choose from. Available door types include softwood, hardwood, glazed and moulded, as well as fire doors for safety and security.


Multi-purpose doors


Multipurpose doors are available with top quality thick rebate, thin rebate or flush closing, for indoor and outdoor use, as standardized models or with high quality special features – offering the right solution for virtually any application.

Acoustic Rated Doors

Supply High quality reliable acoustic door to the entertainment industry, Studios venues,theatre,cultural centers & many other industries requiring special sound insulating and acoustics fire rated doors.


Security doors


Security doors ensure more and better security, the doors structure is strengthened even more on the areas surrounding the lock, hinges and bolts. Adjustable hinges made of steel and automatic mobile sill with adjustment screw to prevent air, light and dust penetration.

Blast Doors & Blast Windows

Our blast doors& Blast windows designs have been independently tested in accordance with the procedure to verify their ability to withstand a blast loading. As per customer specifications, we supply verified product to ensure the highest levels or protection and performance.


Garage side doors


Garage side doors or ‘personnel doors’ are often overlooked but they form an integral part of the security and insulation of your garage.

Bi-Folding & Sliding Folding doors

Bi-folding doors generally hang from the top track and slide in a concertina fashion along concealed floor tracks, which means all of the leaves can be folded to one side, almost entirely opening up one wall to your garden.

Sliding doors tend to be made up of two or more large panes of glass, which slide sideways along a track and stack at the end of the frame.


Fire Door & Smoke-tight Door Assemblies


A fire door assembly (installed in a fire rated wall) is used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire or smoke between compartments and to enable safe egress in the event of a fire. To qualify as a fire rated opening, all of the hardware as well as the door, frame, and required smoke gasket must be listed with a testing laboratory for use on a rated fire door assembly.

Fire door assemblies are rated for 180 minutes, 90 minutes, 60 minutes, 45 minutes, and 20 minutes. The fire rating of a fire door assembly is determined by the lowest rated component; for example, a 20 minute rated door mounted in a 180 minute rated frame would be rated as 20 minute.

Temperature rise rated doors are specially designed for stairwells where door assemblies must not only be fire rated, but also limit the transmission of heat, to allow safe passage.

Fire doors must be self-closing and self-latching. In some situations, the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) may allow doors to be automatic-closing by means of a magnetic holder or other device that releases and allows the door to close upon activation of the buildings’ fire alarm system

Washroom Cubicle Doors

Washroom cubicles are designed for installation in washrooms with a predominantly dry environment. Popular in schools, office toilets and other general commercial environments requiring a wide colour choice. The cubicle fittings come in satin anodisedaluminium finish as standard.


All cubicle doors and partition panels are manufactured from 18mm thick Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) grade board as standard with a moisture resistant core and high impact resistant melamine facing. Panel edges are finished with 2mm PVC trim. Pilasters are manufactured from post formed high-pressure laminate (HPL) which leaves an attractive rounded edge.


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