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Commercial Safe

Commercial Safe

Commercial safes will offer you a variety of sizes, burglary classifications and uses to ensure you can safely store all kinds of commercial items. Data safes, fire safes and fireproof filing cabinets cater especially for information stored digitally or on paper, while our traditional fireproof safes provide a secure home for everything else.

Anti-fire safe / Data Media Safes

Specially designed to hold all of your electronic data needs.These safes are specially designed to protect your electronic media from a fire with specially insulated material that keeps the inner temperature of the safe cooler than all regular fire safes on the market. Computer Media such as hard rives, DVD’s, CD’s, thumb drives, USB drives are easily damaged in a fire.

Anti-fire safe

Archive & Vault doors

Vault doors

The vault doors and strong room doors can be used on their own, installed to the concrete wall or as part of prefabricated strong rooms. Vault doors can be also installed to offices where the look of a fire door does not match the rest of furnishings.

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Fireproof file cabinets and storage cabinets are the ideal way for businesses to protect their vital assets and keep their sensitive documents safe. We offer a wide range of fire rated file and storage cabinets and file cabinet accessories.

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Strong Room, Safe Room & Bank Vault elements

Strong Room

Unrivalled range of modular strongrooms, vaults and safe rooms, setting new standards for high security protection against fire and burglary attacks.

Safety Deposit Lockers & Safety Deposit Box.

Safe deposit lockers offer an unrivaled level of security while retaining our core values of trust and protection.

Installing a safe deposit locker enables your business to offer customers convenience, 24 hour maximum security and confidentiality of their valuables.

Available in various sizes, safe deposit lockers assures you peace of mind.

Safety Deposit Lockers

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